Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Websites that help you save

Ok, so there are a lot of moneysaving tips online and it's hard to know who to go to. I tried looking at a lot of the coupon forums and I have to say, only one has been near and dear to me and has helped me save lots of money. Of course I'm talking about Hotcouponworld.com. I hate to pimp them out every chance I get, but it is run by really great people and they're only in it to help others save.

Here are some websites I'd recommend for newbies starting out to go to:

1. cellfire.com (load your Kroger card, or whatever grocery store card it lets you, into their system.)
2. eSAVER (same concept as cellfire.com, you load coupons on your store card)
3. shortcuts.com (same thing as the above two... you can also combine these q's w/ manu q's you cut!)
4. Hotcouponworld.com (Site that has a forum where people discuss saving money)
5. Any of the bloggers I read here on blogger.com

Ok, that's all I got today. :)

And thanks to Ashley (http://getgroceriesfree.com/blog/) for nominating me as a blog that shows gratitude!!


Lisa B. said...

I love HCW also! I don't like how they seem to change their format every 6 months though. Just when I get used to it, they change it.

Jennifer said...

HCW already help me a lot! I like to share a new site called KindCoupons.org. It is a great site for finding online coupons.