Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kroger and CVS

I went to Kroger and this is what I got:

2 cottonelle 4 packs of single roll tp
1 50 oz bottle of wisk detergent
1 half gallon egg nog
4 small boxes of frozen veggies
2 tubes of Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 lb of beef
1 box of instant oatmeal
1 loaf of bread
1 bag of hot dog buns
2 glade flameless candle starter kits
-31.76 in Q's (manu and store)
$23.41 for 16 items (58% savings)

and then I went to CVS to get some contact solution cause i'm out.

8.99 Complete Contact Solution
-2.00 internet Q
6.99 (7.53 OOP)

Got $9 in ECB's printed out. (so basically made $2 off this deal)


All kmarts are having super doubles! Coupons up to $2 are doubled. This does not include internet printables.

I got the following:

3 Glade scented oil candles
1 box of Hefty trash bags
2 suave deoderants
2 suave hair shampoo
1 box of cotton swabs

I would have done better but no coupons for the cotton swabs and the hefty bags were really pricey. :-/ We needed these things and they had NO cheaper/smaller sizes for the hefty bags. I was pretty disappointed.

I saved $17 by using coupons. Saved 40% on my receipt. Not really good, but whatever. Kmart is pretty pricey compared to other stores!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why am I a noob sometimes? Oh cause I am!

So I went to CVS to get eye solution and OF COURSE they're out. I'm out of town so I'll check the CVS at home and see if they have it but if they don't I'll get some rainchecks (and hopefully they'd be "free"!)

So instead of that I got the following

$3.98 (4 2-liters of pepsi max)
$0.99 (J & J first aid)
$8.99 (maybelline foundation)
-3.00 (maybelline Q)
-0.99 (first aid cvs Q)
-5.00 (ecb)
$4.97 (5.50 w/ tax)

OOP: $5.50
ECB's used: $5.00
ECB back:$8.99

So I could have used a $4 ecb to help pay but I was too flustered to think rationally. I hate my brain! Who knows. WHATEVER. I'll just use it later.

So I got the foundation for my friend because I don't use it, and she sometimes uses it.

So it could have been better. I'm kicking myself for not using that stupid ecb. ARGH!

Oh well, I learned.

I'm just kicking myself still.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Checkin' out the Deals

So today I got bored after work and went driving around. I first stopped at CVS and got:

$11.78 2 bottles of Listerine Agent Cool Blue
$0.99 1 trial size Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit
-4.90 (raincheck listerine)
-4.90 (raincheck listerine)
-1.00 (listerine cvs Q)
-1.00 (kit cvs Q)
.97 (1.03 including tax)

OOP: 1.03
Saved: 11.80

Then I went to Walgreens to check it out. I don't really like their store. I dunno what it is. Something about it gives me the heebie jeebies. Maybe I'll have to go back there later w/ hubby and see if I still get that feeling.

But anyways, I got:

$1.50 1 tin of French's dried onion things
-.21 (Wag's Q)
-.50 (Manu Q)
.79 cents

OOP: .79 cents
Saved: .71 cents

I won't complain about that! And I get to make my green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. Hubby hates green beans so it will be all for me! AWESOME! Leftovers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kroger / CVS

Went to Kroger today. Got $70 worth of food for $30. Had $15 in Q's alone and saved $24.06 just using my card alone. I'm pretty excited about it. 57% saved on our order and hubby was pretty happy. He turned to me and said, in front of the cashier, "Hm yeah, $30 is what you wanted to spend right honey?" (Turkey deal was spend $30 get the .59/lb off... too anxious to get a good turkey then wait one more week for the chance something could be cheaper)

hahaa, yeah! Would have been nice if it was lower, but I'm not complaining! I think he realized that we could have gotten $30 worth of stuff - all those Q's and still get the turkey, but he was pretty pumped about saving 57% in total.

Here's the booty from Kroger:

4 boxes of stove top
1 14 lb turkey
4 marquez frozen burritos
1 box of saltines
2 cans of pumpkin mix
1 box jello pudding
2 green giant cheese, broccoli, and rice frozen packs
1 box of frozen texas toast
1 can of heinz gravy
1 bag of texas toast croutons
2 small packages of Philadelphia cream cheese
1 box of nice n cheesy (kroger's version of velveeta)
1 tub of cool whip
1 tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
1 package of Private Selection Cheddar Cheese
1 package of grape tomatoes
1 package of meunster cheese
26 items = $1.13 per item

Which means we got the turkey for $1.13 basically. ^_^ OR we got half of that stuff for free. Whichever way you wanna look at it.

So then we went to CVS and got 3 2 liters of coke and I used 2 ECB's on it. OOP: $1.30

I might go get another turkey if their private selection brand of turkey goes on sale next week. Our freezer is SMALL! I may try to sweet-talk my way into getting a stand-alone freezer.

Kroger totals for the month

OOP: $72.25
Saved: $96.20

Huh. I thought it'd be better than that. Gotta try harder!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Can this be? Can I really be blossoming into a couponer?

So I've always been super jealous of all the deals everyone has gotten ever since I joined this site.

Today I looked over my savings and gasped. I totally realized that I'm moving up the ranks and slowly, but surely, becoming "one of you".

This is what I got today at CVS on the way home. I couldn't help it!! I was thinking of the Blade MM so I just HAD to do it! This was split up between two transactions btw because of the blade Q's

3.99 Glade oil refill
7.99 Glade fan holder
.29 Blade shaving gel
.29 Blade shaving gel
-7.99 (manu Q)
-2.00 (cvs blade Q)
-2.00 (cvs blade Q)

Paid $5.33 OOP (including tax)
Got $7 back in ECB

Saved $13.99 according to my receipt.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My deals for today

So this morning I get up to get 3 newspapers to get extra duracell Q's. I also got some holiday candles so I could see if I got lucky with the glade coupons inside.

3.00 (for 3 papers)
-4.99 (BOGO)
+20.00 (cash back for the week)
27.99 (28.59 w/ tax)

I went to the first CVS, did some transactions there.

2.99 Soft n dri
-2.00 ecb (from garnier)
-.55 Q
.44 (50 cent w/ tax)

oop: 50
ecb: 2.00

2.50 x 4
-1.50 manu q
-2.00 ecb (from soft n dri)
-5.00 ecb (from glade)
1.50 (1.68 w/ tax)

oop: 1.68
ecb: 5.00

5.99 duracell
5.99 duracell
-2.00 manu q's
-5.00 cvs coupon
4.98 (5.40 w/ tax)

oop: 5.40
ecb: 15

Then here's where I avoid confrontation.

I go to do my next duracell transaction and she said "Well, this coupon for the batteries is limit one per customer". I told her that right now I am a "new" customer because I am doing a new transaction. She got this look on her face like "uh huh" and went right into the back. This crotchety old manager comes out and goes "Ma'am, this is one per customer. You cannot use anymore" (I say crotchety because of the way he looked and the way he said it was NOT nice). Oooohkay, I didn't want to deal with that so I left my basket of stuff there and left to go to another cvs. I told the cashier that what the manager said was wrong and if they wanted it limited to one household, they should have put that on the coupon but I am a new customer every time I do a new transaction. She agreed and said "I can't do anything about it, it's what they said".

So I left to go to another cvs and thus, we start again.

-5.00 cvs
-1.00 manu Q
-15.00 ecb (batteries)
.02 cents (.04 cents w/ tax)

And I do this another time.

I decided to get 2 of the reinventing beauty magazines for the Q's inside them.

1.98 for a lot of Q's... isn't too shabby

oop: 1.98

I decide that we need deoderant because my husband and I ran out last week and we had bought one thing of it... so I was like "never again do I want to run out".

Soft n dri time again!

-.55 Q (was on the soft n dri itself!)
-.55 Q (same dealio)
4.88 (5.24 w/ tax)

oop: 5.24
ecb: 4.00

-4.00 ecb (soft n dri)
-.55 Q
-.55 Q
.88 ($1 w/ tax)

oop: $1
ecb: $4

SO! After all is said and done, my cvs savings are as follow:

OOP: $13.00
ecb's earned: $60
ecb's spent: $43

The booty from cvs:
2 glade jar candles
2 glade square things
2 packages of rechargeable duracells
4 packages of the regular coppertop
5 deoderants
2 reinventing beauty magazines

I now have $24 in ecb's for the next sale deal. I won't be going back to cvs for a while... except to get a prescription filled out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So for this payperiod's grocery shopping, hubby and I went to Kroger. We got about $100 worth of things but paid $42 so we saved 56% there. I was really happy with this.

I went to CVS afterwards and they were doing tomorrow's sales early! I about died! I ran home, grabbed my Q's, and came back. I was only able to do a few things. I need tomorrow's paper to get more duracell Q's to finish out the deal and not lose money.

1st transaction:
6.59 - Theraflu
-2.00 Q

oop: $4.99
Rebate: $4.99 (gonna be mailing that out asap)

Free item!

The batteries messed me up because there were NO $4.79 batteries anywhere. So I had to redo the transaction on the fly. Hate that!

2nd transaction:
$10 worth of glade stuff
$5.99 batteries
$5.29 batteries
-$5.00 (5/2 cvs Q)
-$15.47 ecb's
-$5.50 worth of manu Q's

oop: .66
ecbs: $5

Tomorrow I am going to go back and do this after buying two papers:

-5.00 cvs Q
-2.00 newspaper Q

ecbs: $15

So total oop for the duracell deal plus part of the glade deal: $5.96. Got $20 back in ecb's.

Please tell me this is not bad. I'm new to doing this CVS thing. Started this week actually, so I hope I'm doing well! I know the deal could have been better somehow, but I am really happy with what I got.

Then I decided to go to kroger and get some more holiday scent candle things. I got

4.99 x 4
-4.00 BOGO
-4.00 BOGO
-2.00 off Q
-2.00 off Q
-3.00 catalina

Cashier rang up the BOGO wrong because apparently these candles are a part of the mega deal (I didn't know this) and was showing up on the screen 4.99 -$2.00 automatic coupon, so she put the price in as $4 but the computer put the $2.00 back on because I didn't buy 10. I went back in to tell customer service that they owed me $1.98 because of this.

They looked at my receipt and told me I stacked coupons, that the $2.00 coupons were forced through and shouldn't have been, but they'd let it slide that time and just so I was aware about it. They gave me $2 back.

I am kinda confused. I thought the same way they did, that BOGO coupons were for 2 items and that another Q could not be stacked on it, but other HCW members have said that you can use 4 coupons on 4 items just how I did because the BOGO Q is for the "free" item, not for the item you are actually purchasing. So I figured, hey, these lovely couponers have been doing this longer than I have PLUS my husband agreed with this so I figured they were right and I was wrong.

Apparently kroger thinks the same way I used to. So what's the correct way?

Anyways, I technically spent $4.11 oop making my percentage for this trip 86% saved.


Is it bad that I hate that cvs doesn't have a set way that they do rainchecks? I'm really annoyed.
One place gave me rainchecks for the Listerine Agents for a sale price of 99 cents apiece. They took the ECB's off of it and so I was cool with that.

The other CVS I went to wrote the rainchecks for 3.99-$3.00 ECB and that was it. And when I asked how it would be rung up, I couldn't get a straight answer except "It'll be a store credit".

Okay? I'm fine with store credit and all, but I want to know for sure how I'm going to be paying for it. They need to get this straightened out. One of the managers said that a system was being worked on for the items that give ECB's. I can't wait until it's actually done.

Anyways, went just for the Listerine and deoderant. Left with only the deoderant.

Reg. price 2.39, sale price 3 for 5.

1.74 - .75 Q = .99 + .03 tax = 1.02 oop

Not too shabby.

Oh, and I couldn't get an answer on when tomorrow's sales would start either. It's a 24 hour CVS and the cashier goes "Oh, I don't know......" and just left it at that. I wanted to be pushy and be like "Well go find out!" but my husband was with me and there was a line and I know I'd embarrass him if I had been snarky about it.

Oh well! I got my 5 rainchecks for the listerine and I hope to do the duracell / glade deal tomorrow morning bright and early! I'm going to be one of the crazy ones that sits outside the CVS waiting for the doors to open for those and for the newspapers. Hehe!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back to CVS

So I went back to cvs today because the receipt said my limit was not reached on the crest. Turns out it was! So i returned the extra toothpaste. I also got a garnier shampoo and got $2 in ecb's for that. I also got a raincheck for the listerine and picked up a bunch of the diabetes books for the coupons. There are a ton at all the cvs stores I've been at!

I'm worried one of my ecb's won't work because it's not showing up on my card online. I might email cvs about it.

So here's my week in CVS stuff:

4 crest pro-health whitening toothpastes
1 garnier shampoo

$10.85 oop
$12.47 ecb's earned

next week I can hopefully do the duracell battery deal and get some ecb's for that.

Some people post their OOP taking account the ecb's. I think that would be a mistake as it isn't oop, but since some do, I'll just say that I got everything for "free" doing these deals.

4 crests = spent $8.57, got $13.96 back in ecb's, made $5.39.

1 garnier = 2.17. got $2.00 in ecb's back, -.17 cents altogether.

Darn you tax, darn you! But anyways, if you go by these figures it means I "made" $5.22. Of course, this is treating the ecb's like "money back". Not too bad!

Tomorrow I am going to do the Theraflu warming stuff. I found the $2.00 Q and $6.99 rebate slip today and it is on sale at CVS for $6.00 I think? So I'll get one for "free".

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First time Robbing CVS

haha! Ok so I didn't really, but I like to think they paid me to take the crest out of their store!

I did the crest deal. I was hoping the stores would get a new shipment in and I checked 3 cvs stores in my area last night. None had the crest pro-health whitening that gave the ecb's. 1 cvs luckily had the $5/2 duracell tearpads, so I got 6 of them. Good to know that I'll only need 4 but I feel bad now having that 2 extra. i might send them to my sister if she's willing to use them. Anyways, that's besides the point of this post!

On the way to work, I stopped at two cvs stores. One didn't have it for sure, the other had gotten their truck in and the manager said he didn't know if it'd be in because they really don't know what actually gets shipped and what doesn't.So after work, I went to that one. They had it! I got one:

-.50 ecb
-1.00 manu Q

2.17 total oop including taxes.3.49 ecb's printed.

I was excited to roll my piddly 50 cent ecb into one that is a bit bigger. On the way home, I kicked myself in the butt for not getting another one. So I stopped at the other cvs on the way. Didn't have them. Figures. So I drove a little out of the way and stopped at the final cvs. They had them!

I used the 3.49 ecb's on it and got another tube for free, plus another 3.49 printed out.

Awesome possum! I got two tubes of crest pro-health whitening for $2.17 total and got $3.49 in ecb's! Oh yeah.

Ok, I admit... I HAD to go back after hearing the limit is actually 4! So this transaction went like this:
-1.00 buy 2 crest Q
5.98 overall, w/ tax, it was 6.40 oop and I got 6.98 ecb's back.

Not awesome, but still a money maker I think! Plus I went to another CVS and stocked up on some more duracell Q's for the upcoming week and the next.