Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hotcouponworld Valentine's Day Contest - Get a gift from your wishlist

Hey guys. I have been making changes to my blog and it's been slow going because like I said in my last post, I have trouble focusing. I'll try to keep this post pretty short and focused hehe!

One of the sites I use is and I love love love going there to check out the deals. Last winter, they had a giveaway contest and the person who won got to get a gift basically from their choosing. Awesome, right?? Well, they're doing it again!

This time they are having a Valentine's Day Contest. Here's the gist of it.
First, if you are not a member of Hotcouponworld, I highly suggest you register to become a member. These contests are fun and the forum is a great resource for couponers and deal seekers!

Second, click here to go to the thread about the contest!
Want to know the details before doing anything? I'll just copy it here so you can get the idea before registering to enter the contest. (Though I do suggest registering just for the amazing resource that website is!)

Contest Dates: Today - Feb. 13, 2009 (12 midnight pacific time)
Details: This is going to run just like our Christmas giveaway, but with one caveat - the gift really needs to be something for you. We know you all scrimp, save, and devise ways to make sure that those in your family are taken care of. So this is the contest for the members who are always thinking of their families first and go with holes in the nightgowns or are carrying a purse with a broken strap. We really want YOU to be our Valentine.

And, we're going to spread the love so instead of one person with a grand prize, we'll break the prize money into five $50 gifts.

So, go to the "SHOP" tab on the menu, search for the gift(s) you would like for Valentine's day and link the page with the gift(s) you'd like back here so we can see what you're hankering for. You should post the page that looks like this page HERE to be entered in correctly.And if you've got a funny story or some reason why we really must pick you to be our Valentine, then post it!Fine print details of the contest....You must have your Valentine's Day gift posted no later than 2/13 at 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time. You've got a $50 budget for your gift (but if you go over +/- a few bucks, no big deal - we'll still consider it if something you want is $52.99 kind of thing.

You can only enter once. You can tell your friends and have them join and enter too - this contest is for newbies and oldtimers alike.

We will pick and post the winners and get the gifts bought and shipped right away, so you'll know on Valentine's Day that they're coming - you just won't have them on Valentine's Day proper.

Other Information: I just wanted to add that shipping is NOT included in the $50! Hotcouponworld will cover the shipping. If you'd like to know more, feel free to comment here with your question. I'll be happy to answer it for you!!

Ok, so that's all. I hope everyone has a great hump day!

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