Thursday, February 5, 2009

How I feel about the economy....

Ok, this whole economy-is-getting-worse thing needs to end. I am not impressed with the leaders of our nation on how they are handling this. I'm certain that this whole thing is much harder than I am perceiving it to be, but let's get real here folks: giving tax-payer money to corrupt wall-street frauds is not the way to help out an entire nation who is struggling to keep their jobs/put food on the table/keep a roof over their heads/keep the heat slash water slash electricity on. I just get so annoyed with how everything has been handled that it makes me want to go straight down to Washington and picket... but I won't. Mainly because I can't afford to.

So what can I do to help make ends meet? I already don't take yearly vacations. I don't have enough goods to really make enough money in a garage sale. I don't even eat out that often anymore. (Does three times a month equal to eating out too much? I really hope not...)

The way I do this is to coupon. I may not be really good at it yet, but I'll get there. I can take pride in knowing that we got $100 worth of groceries for only $55 (and that's not even as good as many of you following me can do! I know you guys can do better too!).

I just hope that those out there don't fall into too much despair over how crappy the economy is. It's a bleak time we're living in, but as long as we have friends and/or family to keep us smiling there's always hope for a better future.

What have you guys done to help make ends meet?

PS. I hope to take pictures of my coupon box either tomorrow or Saturday. I know I love looking at other people's coupon holders, so I hope that entry will be entertaining for you guys. :)


Shelly said...

I'm trying to do everything I can to make ends meet! I drive a 23 year old Chevy (paid for) that's keeping DBF (a mechanic)'s currently sitting at work waiting for his help. I work less than a half mile from my main job and 2 miles from my Saturday job so I save a bunch on gas. I coupon or ad match everything I can. My clothes (when I buy something) are bought on clearance. Spending Christmas w/ DBF and his family is that closest thing I've ever had to a vacation! I keep my heat between 65 and 70 (prefer 75!) and my gas bill for my small house was stil $210.00 last month. I eat about 2 times a month (McD's or Subway)....unless DBF takes me out. I've started unplugging the computer, microwave and just about everything except the TV, VCR and answering machine whwen they aren't being used. I have no houes payment because it was my parents' house that they signed over to me. I can't imagine having to pay rent or a mortgage!

I'm working two jobs already...six days a week, but it only adds up to 40.5 hours. I could work more, but I'd lose my mind working more hours at Wal-Mart! Plus, I actually like to spend time with DBF. I could get rid of my pets (yes I have a total of 10 cats and a dog), but they are my family and it would be like giving up a child to me.

I wish that the leaders could make better decisions. I should pray more for them. I don't have any other answer.

Budget Bella said...

I liked your post!

Its hard. I quit work to stay with my newborn and three year old. After paying out for (excellent) daycare, I'd only bring home an extra 600 a month so for me it didn't match the sacrifice. My DH is a teacher and we live on one salary. What we have had to do is re-evaluate our lifestyle. Its been hard, but actually, I can honestly say we have never been happier. So we live in a smaller house (for a smaller mortgage), so we only have one car ( I can only get out on Saturdays as I don't have TX license yet), but I think our values have increased. We waste less, recycle more. We are less extravagant and think of our needs versus our wants. Its also helped us to figure out what we want to still in our girls. Both the DH and I used to have a sense of entitlement before this, and what an ugly thing that was! So hopefully the girls, will not inherit this. So to survive the DH works a teaching job and two side jobs. I take care of the girls and the house, and everyting for now is survivable. Plus I ALWAYS remind us that, there is ALWAYS someone worse, struggling harder, so we are blessed.

centralillinoisian said...

I am trying to save money as well. I have turned down my heat to 60 degrees and put a space heater in my kitchen to keep the kitchen and bathroom pipes from freezing. If it stays above freezing now, I will also turn off that. My power/gas bill was still over $300. Two months in a row so far.

Shelly, I agree about not giving up the pets. They will just end up in a shelter or on the streets and that is no good for anyone.

I do think there is cause to be concerned, but not because of the economy. More because of how people are reacting. We will always have ups and downs in this country. But we will most likely never have another great depression, and everyone needs to stop acting like that is what this is. Where I live and work, people are talking about how much ammunition they have to keep people from stealing what they have when things keep getting worse! I want to know why they are not using that money to buy food, HBA, or helping the local food bank. I guess that is when the saying to each his own comes in.

Tiffany said...

I know I have a feeling things will get worse before it gets better. We just keep doing what we can to save. I agree being able to save with coupons gives you a feeling that feels great! I know its better than walking out of the store depressed becuase of how much we over spend! I can still recall those days!

Chicagolandia said...

I do much of what Shelly does - I drive a paid for car, buy clothing on clearance, coupon like crazy, and come June - DH & I will move from our 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in nice suburb to a much smaller place.
Date night for DH & I is a cheap movie ($5 a ticket, and has apunch card for a free movies, popcorn, etc.), going to a used book store, eating at Subway (I am a sandwich addict), or going bowling when its $1 game night.
No fancy vacations, just a weekend away a few times a year. I bundle errands, turn down the heat to 61, turn off heat/electricity whenever possible, and save spare change. I'm still amazed at how much it adds up.