Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kroger / CVS

Went to Kroger today. Got $70 worth of food for $30. Had $15 in Q's alone and saved $24.06 just using my card alone. I'm pretty excited about it. 57% saved on our order and hubby was pretty happy. He turned to me and said, in front of the cashier, "Hm yeah, $30 is what you wanted to spend right honey?" (Turkey deal was spend $30 get the .59/lb off... too anxious to get a good turkey then wait one more week for the chance something could be cheaper)

hahaa, yeah! Would have been nice if it was lower, but I'm not complaining! I think he realized that we could have gotten $30 worth of stuff - all those Q's and still get the turkey, but he was pretty pumped about saving 57% in total.

Here's the booty from Kroger:

4 boxes of stove top
1 14 lb turkey
4 marquez frozen burritos
1 box of saltines
2 cans of pumpkin mix
1 box jello pudding
2 green giant cheese, broccoli, and rice frozen packs
1 box of frozen texas toast
1 can of heinz gravy
1 bag of texas toast croutons
2 small packages of Philadelphia cream cheese
1 box of nice n cheesy (kroger's version of velveeta)
1 tub of cool whip
1 tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
1 package of Private Selection Cheddar Cheese
1 package of grape tomatoes
1 package of meunster cheese
26 items = $1.13 per item

Which means we got the turkey for $1.13 basically. ^_^ OR we got half of that stuff for free. Whichever way you wanna look at it.

So then we went to CVS and got 3 2 liters of coke and I used 2 ECB's on it. OOP: $1.30

I might go get another turkey if their private selection brand of turkey goes on sale next week. Our freezer is SMALL! I may try to sweet-talk my way into getting a stand-alone freezer.

Kroger totals for the month

OOP: $72.25
Saved: $96.20

Huh. I thought it'd be better than that. Gotta try harder!

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