Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why am I a noob sometimes? Oh cause I am!

So I went to CVS to get eye solution and OF COURSE they're out. I'm out of town so I'll check the CVS at home and see if they have it but if they don't I'll get some rainchecks (and hopefully they'd be "free"!)

So instead of that I got the following

$3.98 (4 2-liters of pepsi max)
$0.99 (J & J first aid)
$8.99 (maybelline foundation)
-3.00 (maybelline Q)
-0.99 (first aid cvs Q)
-5.00 (ecb)
$4.97 (5.50 w/ tax)

OOP: $5.50
ECB's used: $5.00
ECB back:$8.99

So I could have used a $4 ecb to help pay but I was too flustered to think rationally. I hate my brain! Who knows. WHATEVER. I'll just use it later.

So I got the foundation for my friend because I don't use it, and she sometimes uses it.

So it could have been better. I'm kicking myself for not using that stupid ecb. ARGH!

Oh well, I learned.

I'm just kicking myself still.

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