Saturday, November 15, 2008


Is it bad that I hate that cvs doesn't have a set way that they do rainchecks? I'm really annoyed.
One place gave me rainchecks for the Listerine Agents for a sale price of 99 cents apiece. They took the ECB's off of it and so I was cool with that.

The other CVS I went to wrote the rainchecks for 3.99-$3.00 ECB and that was it. And when I asked how it would be rung up, I couldn't get a straight answer except "It'll be a store credit".

Okay? I'm fine with store credit and all, but I want to know for sure how I'm going to be paying for it. They need to get this straightened out. One of the managers said that a system was being worked on for the items that give ECB's. I can't wait until it's actually done.

Anyways, went just for the Listerine and deoderant. Left with only the deoderant.

Reg. price 2.39, sale price 3 for 5.

1.74 - .75 Q = .99 + .03 tax = 1.02 oop

Not too shabby.

Oh, and I couldn't get an answer on when tomorrow's sales would start either. It's a 24 hour CVS and the cashier goes "Oh, I don't know......" and just left it at that. I wanted to be pushy and be like "Well go find out!" but my husband was with me and there was a line and I know I'd embarrass him if I had been snarky about it.

Oh well! I got my 5 rainchecks for the listerine and I hope to do the duracell / glade deal tomorrow morning bright and early! I'm going to be one of the crazy ones that sits outside the CVS waiting for the doors to open for those and for the newspapers. Hehe!

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