Friday, November 14, 2008

Back to CVS

So I went back to cvs today because the receipt said my limit was not reached on the crest. Turns out it was! So i returned the extra toothpaste. I also got a garnier shampoo and got $2 in ecb's for that. I also got a raincheck for the listerine and picked up a bunch of the diabetes books for the coupons. There are a ton at all the cvs stores I've been at!

I'm worried one of my ecb's won't work because it's not showing up on my card online. I might email cvs about it.

So here's my week in CVS stuff:

4 crest pro-health whitening toothpastes
1 garnier shampoo

$10.85 oop
$12.47 ecb's earned

next week I can hopefully do the duracell battery deal and get some ecb's for that.

Some people post their OOP taking account the ecb's. I think that would be a mistake as it isn't oop, but since some do, I'll just say that I got everything for "free" doing these deals.

4 crests = spent $8.57, got $13.96 back in ecb's, made $5.39.

1 garnier = 2.17. got $2.00 in ecb's back, -.17 cents altogether.

Darn you tax, darn you! But anyways, if you go by these figures it means I "made" $5.22. Of course, this is treating the ecb's like "money back". Not too bad!

Tomorrow I am going to do the Theraflu warming stuff. I found the $2.00 Q and $6.99 rebate slip today and it is on sale at CVS for $6.00 I think? So I'll get one for "free".

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