Monday, November 17, 2008

Can this be? Can I really be blossoming into a couponer?

So I've always been super jealous of all the deals everyone has gotten ever since I joined this site.

Today I looked over my savings and gasped. I totally realized that I'm moving up the ranks and slowly, but surely, becoming "one of you".

This is what I got today at CVS on the way home. I couldn't help it!! I was thinking of the Blade MM so I just HAD to do it! This was split up between two transactions btw because of the blade Q's

3.99 Glade oil refill
7.99 Glade fan holder
.29 Blade shaving gel
.29 Blade shaving gel
-7.99 (manu Q)
-2.00 (cvs blade Q)
-2.00 (cvs blade Q)

Paid $5.33 OOP (including tax)
Got $7 back in ECB

Saved $13.99 according to my receipt.

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