Saturday, November 15, 2008


So for this payperiod's grocery shopping, hubby and I went to Kroger. We got about $100 worth of things but paid $42 so we saved 56% there. I was really happy with this.

I went to CVS afterwards and they were doing tomorrow's sales early! I about died! I ran home, grabbed my Q's, and came back. I was only able to do a few things. I need tomorrow's paper to get more duracell Q's to finish out the deal and not lose money.

1st transaction:
6.59 - Theraflu
-2.00 Q

oop: $4.99
Rebate: $4.99 (gonna be mailing that out asap)

Free item!

The batteries messed me up because there were NO $4.79 batteries anywhere. So I had to redo the transaction on the fly. Hate that!

2nd transaction:
$10 worth of glade stuff
$5.99 batteries
$5.29 batteries
-$5.00 (5/2 cvs Q)
-$15.47 ecb's
-$5.50 worth of manu Q's

oop: .66
ecbs: $5

Tomorrow I am going to go back and do this after buying two papers:

-5.00 cvs Q
-2.00 newspaper Q

ecbs: $15

So total oop for the duracell deal plus part of the glade deal: $5.96. Got $20 back in ecb's.

Please tell me this is not bad. I'm new to doing this CVS thing. Started this week actually, so I hope I'm doing well! I know the deal could have been better somehow, but I am really happy with what I got.

Then I decided to go to kroger and get some more holiday scent candle things. I got

4.99 x 4
-4.00 BOGO
-4.00 BOGO
-2.00 off Q
-2.00 off Q
-3.00 catalina

Cashier rang up the BOGO wrong because apparently these candles are a part of the mega deal (I didn't know this) and was showing up on the screen 4.99 -$2.00 automatic coupon, so she put the price in as $4 but the computer put the $2.00 back on because I didn't buy 10. I went back in to tell customer service that they owed me $1.98 because of this.

They looked at my receipt and told me I stacked coupons, that the $2.00 coupons were forced through and shouldn't have been, but they'd let it slide that time and just so I was aware about it. They gave me $2 back.

I am kinda confused. I thought the same way they did, that BOGO coupons were for 2 items and that another Q could not be stacked on it, but other HCW members have said that you can use 4 coupons on 4 items just how I did because the BOGO Q is for the "free" item, not for the item you are actually purchasing. So I figured, hey, these lovely couponers have been doing this longer than I have PLUS my husband agreed with this so I figured they were right and I was wrong.

Apparently kroger thinks the same way I used to. So what's the correct way?

Anyways, I technically spent $4.11 oop making my percentage for this trip 86% saved.

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