Thursday, November 13, 2008

First time Robbing CVS

haha! Ok so I didn't really, but I like to think they paid me to take the crest out of their store!

I did the crest deal. I was hoping the stores would get a new shipment in and I checked 3 cvs stores in my area last night. None had the crest pro-health whitening that gave the ecb's. 1 cvs luckily had the $5/2 duracell tearpads, so I got 6 of them. Good to know that I'll only need 4 but I feel bad now having that 2 extra. i might send them to my sister if she's willing to use them. Anyways, that's besides the point of this post!

On the way to work, I stopped at two cvs stores. One didn't have it for sure, the other had gotten their truck in and the manager said he didn't know if it'd be in because they really don't know what actually gets shipped and what doesn't.So after work, I went to that one. They had it! I got one:

-.50 ecb
-1.00 manu Q

2.17 total oop including taxes.3.49 ecb's printed.

I was excited to roll my piddly 50 cent ecb into one that is a bit bigger. On the way home, I kicked myself in the butt for not getting another one. So I stopped at the other cvs on the way. Didn't have them. Figures. So I drove a little out of the way and stopped at the final cvs. They had them!

I used the 3.49 ecb's on it and got another tube for free, plus another 3.49 printed out.

Awesome possum! I got two tubes of crest pro-health whitening for $2.17 total and got $3.49 in ecb's! Oh yeah.

Ok, I admit... I HAD to go back after hearing the limit is actually 4! So this transaction went like this:
-1.00 buy 2 crest Q
5.98 overall, w/ tax, it was 6.40 oop and I got 6.98 ecb's back.

Not awesome, but still a money maker I think! Plus I went to another CVS and stocked up on some more duracell Q's for the upcoming week and the next.

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