Tuesday, December 9, 2008

63 degrees

So Hubby and I decided that our heating bill is just too high and to counter this we decided to lower our thermostat this year. We usually have it around 70-72 in the winter. Not so this year! We have it on 63.

Our house has a basement and well... guess where our computers are. We live, eat, breathe down here and it's probably not too good of us to spend so much time in the basement, but after a year of not using it (we finally finished the ceiling last spring) we are enjoying being down here. It was like a whole part of the half that just wasn't being used! So it's nice to finally use ALL our house. Anyways, it's the basement. And we all know that there is just 1 fundamental truth about basements (well... most basements)....

they're colder than the rest of the house.

I've been bundled up down here with a coat, scarf, my gloves, my fuzzy slippers (socks are worn as well) and sometimes I even put on my fuzzy 1 piece pajama (you know the kind... the kind that little kids wear with the footsies attached and all? Yeah, I used to wear it as a kid and now I have an adult one)

It gets COLD down here. I would posit (Fringe is rubbing off on me) that it drops a good 5 degrees from upstairs to down here. So our basement could be anywhere from 50-60 degrees how it is now.

Well, today I finally didn't feel like my toes/fingers/whatever were freezing off. Maybe I'm catching something... or maybe it's the fact that instead of being 19 degrees outside (like it has been for the past two weeks) it was 38 and that is definitely warmer than 19. I'm glad that I don't have to wear my 3 layers of pants (yay for longjohns!) and I'm glad to be saving money.

Last month's bill was about 5 dollars cheaper than it was last year. I can't wait to see how much cheaper this month's bill is going to be. (At least I hope it's cheaper!)

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Lisa B. said...

We started the "down with the thermostat" thing last winter. Our basement is so cold! If we want to go play pool or something like that we have a space heater we run while we're down there. Walgreens has them on sale with money back rebates this month too.