Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kroger - Yesterday and Today

Yesterday hubby and I went to Kroger (after spending $22 on dog food for our sensitive skinned pup...)

OOP: $29.98
Saved: $31.45
Received: $1.50 oyno cats

This is what we got:

2 Arm & hammer detergents (51 loads apiece)
2 parkay spreads
2 daisy sour creams
3 cottonelle 4 packs single roll tp
4 banquet pot pies
2 crescent pillsbury rolls
2 cans of kroger corn
1 box of sunbelt coconut cookies (yuck)
1 box of betty crocker brownie mix
1 box of pasta roni
1 small bag of flour
2 boxes of jif muffin mix
1 package of kroger bagels
1 greeting card
2 bags of kroger tortilla chips
1 loaf of kroger white bread
3 packages of yeast (flesich...something or other)
32 items

The math makes it to mean we paid 98 cents per item. And the yeast gave us 3 50 cent oyno cats, which I will use tomorrow to buy the paper with.

Missed out on CVS deals this week but there will always be another deal.

Today I went to Kroger and got 3 sunday papers for the 3 inserts in them (P&G, Redplum, Smartsource). They were $1 a piece (Kroger discounts them here for some reason).

Well, I made sure all the papers had the inserts in them, then I went into the checkout line. I had a reusable bag. The order went like this:

3.00 x 3 (Newspapers)
-.50 (fleischmann's catalina)
-.50 (doubled)
-.50 (fleischmann's catalina)
-.50 (doubled)
-.50 (fleischmann's catalina)
-.50 (doubled)
-.05 cents (bag discount)

They paid me to take out the newspapers.

Best part is the cashier looked at the screen all shocked "Wow.... good deal.... I didn't know those were supposed to double..." she hands me back 5 cents, still looking at the receipt all puzzled. I feigned surprise and went "Oh! hmm..."

and fake pondered my way out the door.

Then I danced to my car and called my mom to brag. Free coupons for me!

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