Friday, December 19, 2008

Stockpile Pictures

Well, I'm stuck at home so while lunch was heating up I grabbed the camera and got adventurous.

I decided to take pictures of my stockpile. It's small, so bare with me. Hubby has the mindset that if we aren't going to use it right away we don't need it. He was like that when the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips were on sale for a really good price at Kroger during their Mega Event and I wanted to get some. Of course, that event has long since gone, but the other day he grabs two of the bags and goes "Hey, these are on sale!" .... for $2.50 a piece. I could have smacked him over the head. Anyways! Onto the stockpile pictures!

Top shelf of Pantry

This is our random top shelf. Random stuff is put up here.


Bigger shot of the pantry. You can see my baking goods and some boxed foods. We have more than just 1 box of betty crocker potatoes. We have about 6 more boxes behind that one you see there.


This is one of the shelves in my pantry. We used to have 6 jars of Ragu, but DH and I eat pasta a lot. We also used to have about 6 bottles of Heinz Ketchup. We love the stuff! And it's lasted us since May!

Cottonelle stockpile

My small but growing stockpile of toilet paper. Kroger was out of these this week! I was so mad! I only wanted to get 5 of them.

Leave some for the rest of us! *angryface* Or that Kroger needs to restock. They had full shelves the day before that awesome Cottonelle Q came out. I'm inclined to think someone wiped them out. :(

Windex/dawn/glade under sink

More of my stockpile stuff. Most of that is Windex sprays, glade, and dawn dish soap.

The windex was my first stockpile ever! That was back in... March?

Glade stockpile under sink

Whew, maybe I went overboard with the glade huh? Nah!


If you were to peek underneath one section of my bathroom sink, this is what you would see. I want eventually to move the TP over to the other section, but I currently have my hairdryers in that section and until I figure out what to do with them, this is all the stockpile I have underneath.

Contact solution, soap, 8 boxes of toothpaste, 1 large tube of toothpaste, two trial sizes of toothpaste, 4 trial sizes of crest mouthwash, 1 bottle of listerine, 1 bottle of crest, 2 bottles of Listerine SmartAgent. 4 bottles of Shampoo, a bunch of deoderant, a lot of razors.


My small but growing stockpile of laundry detergent in the basement.

And there you go. Like I said, nothing amazing but keep checking back. I'm working on it!

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frugalsuz said...

I used to keep all my shampoo/conditioner type stuff under my sink too, but I rapidly ran out of room! :) Great pics!