Monday, December 22, 2008

Meijer run!

I went to Meijer today to take advantage of the Betty Crocker potatoes deal. This is what I hauled away with:

Not too bad for $4 altogether! I got a $4.59 rebate check from Theraflu so that worked out well! I saved $7.97 so that makes a savings of 66%.

My stockpile of Betty Crocker potatoes grows. *insert evil laugh*

I also played coupon fairy and gave some coupons to people looking at the potatoes and the Dixie plates. Not like I need any more potatoes!

Edit: Thanks Pubbler for reminding me! I had this in TWO transactions so the Betty Crocker Q's would double. :)


Pubbler said...

Good job! Did you split your order into 2 transactions? this way (if you had 4 BC Qs), all of them would double?

Krystalily said...

Yes, I had two orders. That's important! It is a pain but totally worth it. This is usually why I don't shop at Meijer a lot and more at Kroger because my Kroger doesn't have a limit on same Q's doubling.