Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CVS again

I got that 5/15 so I decided to go back and use it.

I got

4 cans of ragu pasta sauce
2 bottles of Dawn ultra dishsoap
3 shick razors (travel size)
1 Gillette Venus razor
1 Gillette Fusion razor
1 CVS reusable bag (I needed something to cover the overage I guess!)
$1 donation to St. Jude (another something to cover the overage)
-15 (ecb's)
-5 (5 offa 15)
-4 (fusion Q)
-2.97 (shick any Q's)
-1.00 (ragu Q's
.74 cents
tax: 12 cents

OOP: 86 cents
Got $5 in ECB's back.

Not too shabby. I wanted to get rid of the $15 ecb since it'd expire in like 2 weeks with nothing good to use it on. Plus we can always use more dishsoap, razors, and pasta sauce!

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