Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So today I was off of work. I was browsing HCW like the addict I am and saw someone had posted in the restaurant printable forumy part. I don't know what the forum is called, it's the forum where you can print off restaurant coupons. Anyways, there was a thread about - Deals on neighborhood restaurants. $25 Restaurant Certificates for only $10! and how you can save 80% (that was back in October when the 80% was going on). I went and found a restaurant that hubby and I like to go to and put in that I wanted 4 $25 gift cards. They have this promotional now that $25 gift cards cost $10. I heard from another HCW member that the new code to get an extra 50% off is JOY so I entered it in and I could get $100 worth of gift cards to this restaurant for only $40 and once I entered in the code JOY it was now $20.

Not to be outdone, I asked my husband if his work had any associate discounts to because I had remembered they did. His associate discount made the total $12.

So we got $100 worth of gift cards for $12 to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in town. Hubby was really pleased!

I <3 HCW

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Lisa B. said...

Ok, I keep hearing about this deal so I'm outta here to go check it out.