Monday, December 22, 2008

CVS and Kroger

DH and I went to CVS (omg he actually enjoyed walking around in there! Woo hoo!) and Kroger. I had to get my meds and I asked the cashier at the front desk about my raincheck, which she signed the person's name for them. Anyways, not counting my meds, we paid NADA for everything! In fact, we got back $2.30!

CVS - 2 J&J First Aid trial size kits, box of 10 twinkies (oh that hubby of mine!), and Reinventing Beauty Mag. Spent 5 ecb's for that.

Kroger - 3 bottles of Tropicana, 2 bottles of Verners Ginger Ale, 4 boxes of Banquet Pot Pies, 1 bottle of Parmesan Cheese.


FREE! *dances in da street* Oh wait, it's feelin like -8 degrees out here, maybe I shouldn't do that!

117% savings! At Kroger, we saved $14.27 in store coupons and manu coupons. :)


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I like your cat posing in the background! They always want to be in the spotlight, don't they? Great job shopping!