Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meijer and Kroger

Today DH and I went to Meijer. Well, all we went to go for was the Coke and Pepsi ($1 2liters) and well, this is what we hauled out.

4 boxes of Betty Crocker (paid 50 cents or less for them)
5 2 liters of pepsi/coke products (The cokes I will be putting into coke rewards for coupons)
1 game for the DS for our friend (We used a $4 santa buck)
1 bag of doritos (dang we were hungry and they were $1.99... only 22 more cents higher than the rock bottom price I had seen them earlier)
4 cans of Del Monte tomatoes
2 cans of black beans (totally not on sale, but I love them anyways)

We paid $32 but $15 of that was the video game for our friend. So we would have paid $17 for the rest of the stuff, which isn't too bad considering. Meijer Good Deal alert! The betty crocker potatoes is $1 so head on down with your 35 cent off betty crocker potato Q's and get mashed potatoes for 30 cents!

We then went to Kroger and DH was like "Are you sure they're gonna have the tp in stock?" and I was like "They better! It's the weekend!"

So I went in, saw they had the Cottonelle TP I wanted, and left with the store paying me almost 70 cents to take the TP out!!

5 packages of Cottonelle TP
Had 4 Q's for 50 cents off, doubled to $1
Had shortcut to Cellfire for 50 cents off 1
Had shortcut to Q for 50 cents off 1
Had a 80 cents off your next order
Used a reusable bag

Thus them paying me to take the TP out! Amazing!

PS: it feels like -15 degrees outside according to It's 7 degrees but factor in the wind chill and you get that BS. Awesome possum! *curls up more in her blanket*

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