Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Went to CVS today to see if they had Dawn and the contact solution that I use for my eyes. They did! They only had 2 packages of the contact solution left, so I totally lucked out!

2 bottles of dawn
1 trial size package of ladies razors
2 bottles of contact solution
$3.35 OOP

Spent 12.99 in ECB's to pay for it, had $5.20 worth of coupons, got $17.98 ECB's back... Not too bad.

I also got the 5/15 coupon at the end of my receipt and I have no clue what to get with it now I have gotten the contact solution. Any ideas?

I know I shoulda gotten the dawn first to see if the 5/15 would have printed THEN done the contact solution but I can't think so fast yet like that.

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