Monday, December 29, 2008


Ok... Kroger run. I boo-boo'd and spent more than I wanted because I thought I had an eSAVERS Q loaded onto my card for B1G1 Pantene shampoo.... it was buy 1 Pantene Shampoo, get 1 styler free.

.... so annoyed.

So I spent $4 more than I REALLY wanted to spend because I thought I'd be paying 49 cents for 2 shampoos! ARGH!And I don't even know if I can use them toward the P&G coupon book because they rang up as plain ol' "Shampoo" on the receipt!!! Double ARGH! Ok, vent over.

8 bounty single roll paper towels
11 Tropicana 2 liters
3 Pounce cat treats
1 pouch of dog treats
1 half-gallon skim milk
2 bags of Kroger tortilla chips
2 Pantene shampoos
2 cans of beans
$53.33 (this is including tax)
-$13.00 (store coupons for using a kroger card)
-$20.50 Manu Q's
$19.83 paid. 64% saved.

Then headed to CVS.

6 bottles of dawn
1 box of hot pockets (for hubby's lunch)
$12.83 (not including tax)
-$4.47 (using my card, dawn B1G1)
-$3.00 (dawn Q's)
$5.36(not including tax)
-2.59 ECB
$2.77 +11 cents tax
$2.88 oop.

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Lisa B. said...

I need to find my dawn coupons (if I have any) and score some more dish soap. Looks like you did a great deal even with the shampoo deal.